Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Question Friday

My friend Kasi participates in Five Question Friday quite often, so I have decided to give it a try.

1. What ringtone do you have on your cell phone?
     ~ Well I had to grab my cell phone and figure this one out. Turns out that I have Fur Elise as my current ring tone. You see my kids tend to change my default ring tone when I'm not looking. This makes life interesting, because if I'm out in public and it rings, I usually stand there looking at somebody else wondering why they aren't answering their phone. Then I realize it's ME!

2. What is your favorite memory from this summer?
     ~ Dancing at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas of course! You can read about it here.

3. Paper books or ebooks?
     ~ Paper books, I've never tried ebooks before.

4. If you could have one home upgrade what would it be and why?
     ~ A bigger and better bathroom! My house is 91 yrs old and it has 1 small bathroom. It currently needs LOTS of help right now!

5. When was your first serious boyfriend/girlfriend?
     ~  My freshman year of high school.

1 comment:

Kelli said...

I am with you on the paper books! :) Haven't tried ebooks yet either.. and can't decide if I want to or not. I like good old fashioned books.