Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Think Tank

Thursday Think Tank

It's Thursday Think Tank with making rebecca lynne. I'm really proud of what I accomplished this past week. I really wanted more finishes, but I get distracted easily. 


1. The ruffle skirt for my daughter.

2.  The treasure box pouch for my coworker.
3. I have started writing down my ideas for a new quilt, but haven't gotten very far. So not quite a finish, but at least I have started.

4. Finished another row on my hexagon quilt!

Need to work on...
1. Equalizer quilt for my brother. He just won 1st place in the world finals in his car stereo competition for the 2nd year in a row! So I really need to get this done for Christmas.

2.Buy fabric for my father-in-laws Christmas quilt. It's going to be in all batiks, which is a bit outta my price range at the moment.

3. And don't forget about the mystery quilt and BOM I'm working on with my guild!  

Well I have many more ideas running around in my head, but I'll save those for next week!

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Rebecca Lynne said...

Wow! You have quite a list going this week. But, I really love the "To Buy" type of always gets me set on the straight and narrow when I go fabric shopping. Trying to avoid the wandering eye and all that (so hard isn't it???). I am actually off to sew my own hexagons, but I am kind of inspired tonight to try something with it...hmm...let's see how far this goes!