Friday, June 24, 2011

New Line Dance from the Choreographer of GLEE

Here is a little history about me. I used to be an avid dancer. I practiced all the time. I woke up and walked through my dance steps, got ready for school while practicing, came home from school to dance out my frustrations, eat dinner then practice some more, take a shower and walk through my routine again before bed. I practiced so much because I always felt like I wasn't good enough in class. All the other girls grew up dancing and I didn't start until I was 12. 

Fast forward 20+ yrs. I haven't danced since I was a teenager. I married a man with 2 left feet and there wasn't a dance studio near where we live. So I just closed that part of my life and moved on until a month ago. 

Zach Woodlee, is the choreographer/co-producer of Glee. He is also the son of my former dance teacher Vicki Woodlee. Zach is a few years younger than me, but he could dance circles around all of us even when he was a kid! He was always good at wowing the crowd with his moves. Well he created this new line dance to use on the show and they showed just a short clip of the dance on the episode "Blame It On The Alcohol." So, with Zach's permission, his mother called up her old dance students and decided we were all going to learn this line dance and we were going to debut it to the world. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 the line dance the Texas Cool was debuted in Dallas outside the Music Hall at Fair Park. 

I was so thrilled to be included in this opportunity. It has sparked my interest in dancing all over again.

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Kasi said...

That is so cool! I SEE YOU!!! :)