50 random things about ME!

1. I am a child of God
2. I am a wife
3. I am a mother to 3 daughters
4. I am a mother in law
5. I am a daughter
6. I am a big sister
7. I am a friend
8. I had meningitis as a kid
9. My mother said this stunted my growth
10. I used to be one of the tallest kids in class
11. I stopped growing when I was 14
12. I'm scared of the dentist
13. I was once in a country music video
14. The car used in the video was a duplicate of my actual car
15. They were supposed to have used my actual car
16. I was kissing my boyfriend in the video
17. My middle daughter was born on Friday the 13th
18. My best friend Kasi lives in North Carolina
19. We met in 2001 on the internet playing dominoes
20. 6 yrs later we met in person for the first/only time
21. It was the week of her wedding
22. I was her matron of honor
23. I was once asked what it was like to be in an interracial marriage
24. Never thought of my husband being interracial
25. He's Kiowa Indian
26. I'm the pilgrim (aka token white chick) at Thanksgiving dinner
27. I have a very long and unusual last name, it is a Kiowa name
28. We eloped when we got married
29. Family members took bets on how long we would stay married
30. 20 yrs later we have surpassed all their guesses
31. I used to sleepwalk a lot
32. When I was 14 I swallowed a quarter
33. This was a sleepwalking accident
34. I no longer sleepwalk
35. I had a goat that would follow me to school
36. I had a rat as a pet, which my cat ate
37. I live in a very small town, population approx 350 people
38. My graduating high school class had 450+ people
39. I work for Oklahoma State University
40. I'm a Texas Longhorn fan
41. My favorite color is green because it goes well with my red hair
42. I used to be a manicurist for 10 yrs
43. Some of my clients were Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
44. I knew Zach Woodlee (the choreographer of Glee) when he was a little boy
45. His mother was my dance teacher and a former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader
46. My dad wanted me to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, but I had no desire for it
47. I have a neurotic cat named Polka Dot, she pulls her fur out and scratches sores on her neck when I'm gone for a few days
48. I love to quilt
49. I give all my quilts away as gifts
50. I want to make a quilt for myself, but can't find the time