Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Think Tank

Thursday Think Tank

I have decided to join Thursday Think Tank with making rebecca lynne. I'm hoping to use these weekly posts to keep me on track for Christmas for starters. Plus, I have so many ideas running around in my head, it will be a good place to write them down.

1. I want to make a ruffle skirt for my youngest daughter.

2. I think my brother would love this equalizer quilt. He competes in car stereo competitions so I think he'll like it. Just need to find cool fabrics for him.

3. Remember this shoe's the top right one...
Well it's perfect for my mother a quilt. I need to find coordinating fabric and a pattern. I would like to get this done in time for Christmas.

4. One of my coworkers is leaving her job soon. I would like to make this pouch for her...
 And fill it with nail supplies. She has the longest, strongest, and most gorgeous nails I have ever seen. I was a manicurist in Dallas for 10 yrs, I have seen ALL kinds of nails! I think she will love it.

5. I have a quilt pattern idea floating around in my head. I need to find the time to get it on paper. 

6. And don't forget about the mystery quilt and BOM I'm working on with my guild! So much to do, but so fun!

So now that I've shared with ya'll my to do list, I need to work on it. I'm a procrastinator so hopefully I can use this weekly post to stay on track.


Rebecca Lynne said...

Get to it girl! I love the pouch...really such a nice parting gift and so thoughtful of you! Nails...sad...I just chopped mine off literally 20 minutes ago. Too much getting in the way!

Lucy said...

oohhh shoes!! ;) I love that pouch too!
Thanks for visiting me, I'm enjoying reading your posts - I'm so very jealous of that little care bear I spotted on a hexie! I used to have a 'care bear' that my auntie made for me!! Not the real thing but better :)

Janine said...

Looking forward to seeing thoseand the pattern idea :)

Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

Cute pouch. Is that your own pattern? I'm thinking of whipping a few up for Christmas gifts. :)