Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quilt Show, Parade, & Concert

WARNING: This post is full of pictures of quilts!

My weekend was full! First I volunteered at our annual quilt show. My Baby Frog quilt got 2nd place!
I know you've seen these, but you haven't seen them hanging up. ;-)
Hubby's 20th Anniversary Quilt.
My 15 yr old daughter standing with her quilt.
These are some of the other quilts on display.
I love how the dolphins swim in a circle on this one. And she did a great job matching the seams with the pattern on the border.
Love the dresden's in this one!
 These bunnies were so cute!
Same type bunnies, but different fabric and layout.
My friend, Jannetta, made these next 3 quilts. She machine pieces and hand quilts most of her quilts. She's fast and good at hand quilting also! I need to have her teach me.

This was our parade entry for our quilt guild. We decided to cover a volkswagon in quilt squares!

Then on Sunday evening our little town had a special concert with Aaron Tippin singing at the football stadium! My youngest daughter and I enjoying the concert.
Tried to get a good picture of Aaron Tippin.

Whew! If you made it to the end of this post I applaude you!


Kasi said...

beautiful quilts!

Kari said...

Love the covered bug - such a cute idea! The quilt you made for your husband is amazing!!