Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Love My Stalker!

My best friend aka Stalker, Kasey, over at Thoughts from Me, is having a baby GIRL! I was so honored and blessed to be a part of their wonderful day via the internet when they found out the gender. Kasey is in North Carolina and I'm in Oklahoma. The place she had her ultrasound done gave her the option to stream their ultrasound online to a select few people and I was privileged to be able to join them.

How Kasey and I became best friends is very interesting. Our friendship is truly a gift from God. It was August 2001 and I had just discovered the Yahoo Domino Game room. I would go there between classes at college to unwind. I wasn't there to meet anybody, but to just play a few mindless games. Well everyday I logged in Kasey was there also. We would always end up playing against each other and chatting. When we paired up as partners nobody else could beat us. We spent hours in those game rooms getting to know each other.

For years we were strictly online friends with the occasional card sent via snail mail. Then in November 2007 I made the trip to North Carolina to be the matron of honor in Kasey's wedding. We had NEVER met in person before this time. There were lots of jokes back and forth of Kasey's stalker coming to town. We were both excited and nervous about meeting each other face to face. It was a wonderful week and I was happy to go home to my family, but sad to be leaving my NC family behind. 

Here it is 2011 and Kasey and I still haven't seen each other face to face since her wedding. We are constantly messaging, texting, emailing, or facebooking each other. I'm so excited that Kasey & her husband Jamie are having a baby. They are a wonderful couple and deserve all the happiness in the world.

So, now that my GIRL prediction came true. I'm going to predict that this little girl will be born a few days early on my birthday, November 21st!  By the way...everybody including Kasey predicted boy.

Looks like I may have to plan a birthday trip to NC! 

Hmmm...I think a new baby quilt will be in the works soon. 

 I love you Kasey!

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Kasi said...

Awe! :) I'm so happy to call you my best friend!!! And I love you too!!!!!!!