Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've Been Busy....

...not sewing, but dancing...

I haven't danced in 20 yrs, but my oldest daughter and I will be dancing in this thanks to my old dance teacher Vicki Woodlee. Note: She's not old, but old as in she was my teacher when I was a kid/teenager and isn't anymore. Although if we lived closer I would defiantly sign up for her class again!

We will be taping our dance and uploading it to You Tube. I will post it as soon as it's up!
The "Texas Cool Dancers" are a new Line-Dancing group in Dallas, Texas! This group will be introducing a brand new country-western line dance on June 21st during the "Tap-A-Lot" event, which has been coordinated with Dallas Summer Musicals, "Spam-A-Lot"! (Please Note: Not all of the dance groups performing on the 21st are "Tap" dancing groups.)

This new line-dance was choreographed by the group's director, Vicki Hammons Woodlee, and her son, Zach Woodlee (Co-Producer and Choreographer of "GLEE!"). It's sure to catch-on-quickly, so come be the "first" to see it being performed!

Bring your lawn chairs (etc.) and come join the fun! You'll get to watch 11 different dance groups perform! After the "Tap-A-Lot" event, be sure to see the "Spam-A-Lot" show at Music Hall!

For more information regarding "Tap-A-Lot," please refer to:

The Dance Council of North Texas (214-219-2290)

The information below is from the dance council's web page:

June 21 - 25: Tap-A-Lot The Dance Council of North Texas and Dallas Summer Musicals present Tap-a-Lot in commemoration of National Tap Dance Day. Tap-a-Lot features numerous tap dance performances by area dance organizations, 2011 DCNT Scholarship Recipients, and the Hoofin’ Crew choreographed by Tracy Jordan. From 7-7:45pm at The Music Hall at Fair Park, 909 1st Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75210. Free. 214-219-2290.

For more information regarding "Spam-A-Lot," please refer to:

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Wendy said...

What fun! Happy feet and happy times, you girls enjoy yourselves and can't wait to see you in pictures :)