Friday, May 27, 2011

Yep I've Lost My Mind!

My oldest daughter is getting married in March 2012. So I have decided that I would make them a double wedding ring quilt for a wedding gift. Yep, I told you I have lost my mind!

Her favorite color is dark green and his is dark blue. So one ring will be shades of green while the other shades of blue. I have only bought the green fabric at this time.
I'm going to start making my green arches now and buy the blue fabric in June to get started on them.

I'm really liking how they are turning out. I'm paper piecing them using this pattern. So far it's pretty easy, but I'm worried about when I stitch all the arches together with the centers. I've never done curved piecing/sewing before.


Stray Stitches said...

It will be an amazing quilt! You certainly have your work cut out for you.

Anne-Mette said...

It will be a fantastic quilt. I love both colors. Have fun working on this quilt.

Kasi said...

That's going to be so pretty!!