Friday, August 26, 2011

Headache Update

Yes I still have a headache. I have some kind of infection in my eye. They were thinking shingles, but figured I would have a rash by now if it was shingles. No rash, but now I have a sore in my nose and outside my nose. Yesterday my blood pressure went up, so I went back to doctor. When I got there my blood pressure was normal, not sure if it lowered on the way there or the digital blood pressure thingy was working correctly. So doctor sent me for a CT scan and gave me more antibiotics and some pain pills. Saw doctor again this morning, my scan was normal and I do not have a sinus infection like he thought. 

On a side note here, my family got a big kick out of the possible sinus infection. My last sinus infection is now 5 yrs old and started kindergarten. I was treated for 3 months for what we thought was a sinus infection, when it actually turned out to be morning sickness with a stuffy nose. I took a pregnancy test as a joke and was SHOCKED when it was positive. So this time my husband is giving me a hard time and saying maybe it's a boy. Hahah

So, I'm on 2 antibiotic pills and 1 antibiotic eye drop, along with an anti-viral for my nose sores, another eye drops for pain, and some killer pain meds for my headache/eye ache. Needless to say, all these meds are making me nauseous now. I'm spending a lot of time sleeping and no sewing at all. Also hubby says my pain pill makes me act funny, so I'm great entertainment for him now.

Unless a miracle happens overnight and I wake up better, there will be no sewing this weekend. But when I do get back, I have a cool giveaway for one special reader of my blog! So stay tuned!

Thanks for your prayers!

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Kasi said...

Get feeling better...And have you taken a pregnancy test just in case??? I remember that last sinus infection!! :)