Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Free Fabric!

So it's fabric scraps. Who cares, it's FREE! I love being the newest (and youngest) person in my quilt guild. They take good care of me by giving me guidance when needed and giving me their unwanted fabric. 

I have never been one to sew a lot. I dabble in lots of crafts, but have never mastered one. I absolutely LOVE quilting! I love going to the fabric store and seeing all the different fabrics and imagining all the possibilities. I'm slowly working on building my fabric stash. So I welcome any and all donations. 

Our quilt guild makes baby/toddler quilts and gives them to a local organization in town. I think I will take these scraps and use them for a couple of blankets to be donated. It won't be right away because I have 2 projects to finish by May. But when they are done I will be digging into these scraps and creating something wonderful!

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