Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Rag Quilt

My husbands secretary was having a baby shower last weekend and I wanted to give her a quilt as a gift. I hadn't given away any of my quilts to anybody other than family. I was so nervous as to what everybody was going to think about it. I wasn't sure about the rag quilt, but I really didn't have time to make a quilt top and have it quilted and the binding done in time. It only took me a few hours to stitch up, but it took about 2 evenings clipping the seams and 3 days of washing and drying to make it fray.

Well everybody at the shower loved my quilt! My husband told me they are still talking about it at work this past week. In fact, I have received 2 more requests for baby quilts! These 2 people I've known for several years, so I will be giving them the quilts as baby gifts, but after that I will be taking orders and charging for them!

I'm sorry for not posting very often. I forget about updating my blog. I'll try to be better in the future.

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