Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Purse Ever

For my daughter's 15th birthday I wanted to make her a purse. She picked out the fabric, without realizing it. She commented on this fabric and the next day I bought it to use on her purse. I had just learned how to make an exploding pineapple block a few weeks ago and knew that had to be the front and back of this purse. I used a basic purse pattern to guide me, but this is pretty much all my idea. It has some problems, but I don't think my daughter will see them. I'll be giving it to her tonight. I hope she likes it!

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Leah said...

Love the bag! you did a great job on that. My daughter, who just turned 14 in August, also liked that same fabric and I did the same thing as you. She told me in the store she liked it. Then I went back later and bought it and made her a purse for her B-day.

You can see it here: