Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I'm Working On...

I have been terrible about updating my blog! Life just gets in the way and I forget about it.  I finally found my camera last night, but the battery is missing out of it! My teens like to use my camera, but can't keep up with it or it's parts. So for now I borrowed a camera until I buy a new battery.

Well I have been bitten by the hexagon bug! I've been searching high and low for novelty fabric that I can make hexagons out of for a matching quilt. It's hard to find fabric that has small pictures that fit in the center of a 2 1/2" square! The thing is I want pictures on these, not just pretty fabric. For example, I have some animal fabric where I cut out 2 squares of the same picture of monkeys, giraffes, elephants, etc. That way my daughter can find one monkey and look for the matching one elsewhere on the quilt. I almost decided not to do this project, but my 4 yr old loves looking at the hexagons I've already made, so her enthusiasm keeps me going!

I've also been making hexagons for a small wall hanging. Remember my jelly roll pic I posted a few months ago? Well I fell in love with 2 of the strips in that roll. I have looked everywhere for yardage of those 2 fabrics and can't find them anywhere. I wanted to do a whole hexagon quilt with just those 2 fabrics, but I couldn't find any. So I'm using what I have and am making a wall hanging.

 These strips are my newest project! A baby bargello heart quilt for my coworkers granddaughter. My quilt guild is teaching the Bargello Heart Quilt at next weeks meeting. I have read this book cover to cover and feel confident that I can get started before next week. I bought my 12 fabrics last weekend and have cut them into strips. Now I'm sewing them together. Not sure if I will stop here or continue this weekend. I feel like I can continue on my own, but I'm also afraid I'll mess up without somebody nearby to keep me on track.

I also bought these fabrics this past weekend. The horses will be made into a lap quilt for my father in law for Christmas. The shoe fabric was too cute to pass up! My mother buys shoes like crazy! So when I saw this fabric I knew I had to make a quilt for her with it. Of course I'll take a couple snips off of it for my hexagon matching quilt! Then the fabric in the lower right corner is for more hexagons.

And lastly the fabric my coworkers has chosen to be the inspiration for this years table at the annual Women's Friendship Dinner. I had this fabric in my stash and have decided to make place mats out of it for our table. That's at the end of October, so I gotta get sewing on it!

I'll try not to wait so long between posts. I just get so busy with work, family, and my sewing that I forget to take pictures of my projects and forget about blogging.

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