Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heart of the Matter

 The day Jen announce this special day on her blog I had already put my cake in the oven. I knew exactly what I was going to do, I was going to cut it in the shape of a heart. So as soon as I had it baked and decorated I quickly took a picture. Then of course I procrastinated on getting it put online. Then last Thursday a huge ice storm hit SW Oklahoma and I found myself without power from Thurs - Tues!
So today I quickly ran to Jen's blog to see if this event was still happening. So here I am quickly posting about my heart cake. This cake was made for my daughter's homecoming game. The cheerleaders raffle off cakes at all our home basketball games and this is the cake I made.

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Jen said...

OOOO...that is SOOOO cute! I know you'll draw lots of money on it at the raffle! I love the crown! Thanks for participating in the linky party and for reading! Best of luck with the weather! It certianly has made me appreciate the things I've taken for granted!